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Freely Downloadable Sound Bites from
Over 90 TV Shows
Last Updated 01/03/2014

This site provides a huge number of downloadable wav files from over 90 TV shows. You can also find soundbites from over 280 movies here.

NOTE: All logos, sounds & artwork retain their original copyright. All files are for provided for research, educational, criticism, or review for purchase purposes. These files were collected from a number of publicly accessible sites on the web that made no mention or assertion of copyright over these files or the collection. These files are provided on this site under fair use purely for your own personal use and enjoyment. Any copyright assertions on these files belong to the original copyright owners. If you are the copyright owner of a file on this website and you object to it being here please contact me with details and I will be happy to remove the file or provide the necessary citation of the original copyright owner. A full disclaimer is available here.

Find your favorites here. These sounds make perfect Windows action sounds. Customize your PC with the great sounds, follow the links below to download. All of the soundbites are in WAV format. You should be able to play them simply by clicking on the relevant link.

Alphabetical Index of TV Show Titles (for the most popular see below):

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Listed below are direct links to some of the favorite TV Show soundbites.
Use the links above for a full listing of the television shows in each category
A to D E to H I to L

The A-Team
Ally McBeal
The Andy Griffith Show

The Beverly Hillbillies
Crocodile Hunter


How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Honeymooners

Looney Toons

Lost in Space

M to P Q to T U to Z

Mail Call
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Pee Wee's Play House

Saturday Night Live
Sex and the City
The Simpsons
South Park
Star Trek
Twin Peaks


Follow this link if you are looking for sound bites from over 280 movies

If you need a custom-made sound file,
input "voice-over services" into the search box below.

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