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Six Feet Under TV Show Sound Bites

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Six Feet Under TV Show Sound Bites (Page 4 of 5)

 Peter Krause: "I'm a f***in' mess, if you wanna know the truth."

Frances Conroy: "I'm not getting in the middle of this."
Peter Krause: "Yeah? Well, then don't -- Stay out of it."

Ed O'Ross: "Mind your own business, woman!"

Peter Krause: "Life doesn't have to be miserable just because you are."

 Peter Krause: "God! Jesus Christ, am I not allowed to have even a single moment to myself?!"

David's lawyer: "I think that you guys are more-or-less f***ed."

Frances Conroy: "Goddamn it, I am the mother here! And I happen to be a damned good mother, no matter what you think from your limited point of view!"

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Illeana Douglas: "They're just nipples. I mean, we've all seen 'em. We've all touched 'em. We've all sucked on 'em."

Richard Jenkins: "And you thought you'd escape. Well, guess what -- ha, ha -- Oh, nobody escapes."

Peter Krause: "Sometimes I feel like I don't have any f***in' idea what I'm doin'. It's like I made this bulls*** decision to go into this business for all the wrong reasons, and now it's too late."

Anne Dudek: "Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever heard in your whole life?"

Garrison Hershberger: "You wanna help people? Join the Peace Corps."

Freddy Rodriguez: "Oh, my God, is that a penis?"

Mena Suvari as Edie: "No more angry poems or songs with clitoral or vaginal references in them... unless you have one."
Audience chuckles.
Suvari: "Here's my poem, dedicated to every guy I've ever been with... Your penis is kinda nice... Too bad you're attached to it."

Bill Cobbs: "Bitch, I don't need your permission!"

Peter Krause: "Ya know, you're really startin' to piss me off."

Rachel Griffiths: "Oh, so this is a pissing contest."

Man: "I don't know what kind of piece-of-s*** operation you people are running here. I really don't."

Frances Conroy: "She's just as precious as precious can be."

Richard Jenkins: "Well, well... The prodigal returns."

Frances Conroy: "You're not supposed to protect me. I'm supposed to protect you."
Peter Krause: "But you can't. You can't protect me from this."
Conroy: "I know, but I can try. That's what a mother does. She tries to protect you, and most of the time she fails, but it's the trying that makes you feel loved. How are you going to feel loved if you don't ever let me try?"

Peter Krause: "I'm real proud of you... and I'm real proud of us."
Lili Taylor as Lisa: "For what?"
Krause: "For making this work. For being present. For showing up each day. For being committed to being a family."
Taylor: "Is it that hard for you?"
Krause: "No, no, no. Of course not."
Taylor: "I thought this was what you wanted."
Krause: "It is what I want."
Taylor: "Are you sure?"
Krause: "Of course."
Taylor: "I mean like totally sure, 100 percent, absolutely, no doubts whatsoever?"
Krause: "I'm sure."
Taylor: "Oh, God, Nate, I love you so much it terrifies me."


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