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Six Feet Under TV Show Sound Bites

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Six Feet Under TV Show Sound Bites (Page 1 of 5)

Rachel Griffiths as Brenda: "It's, uh, it's what Billy does. He takes pictures of people when they're off-guard. He's got a talent. It's art."
Peter Krause as Nate Fisher: "No, it's f***ed!!"

Lauren Ambrose: "If we live our lives the right way, then every single thing we do becomes a work of art."

Rachel Griffiths: "I guess that's just too f***ing awful to even have a name."

Rachel Griffiths: "I can't... imagine what you must be going through."
Peter Krause: "You have no f***ing concept of what I've been going through!"

Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher: "God sure has dealt that woman some blows in this life."

Grant Show: "I had sex with, like, 200 women last year, and all the faces are a blur."

Michael C. Hall as David Fisher: "That is such bulls***!"

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Richard Jenkins as Nathaniel Fisher: "This business gets under your skin. It's like a f***in' virus."

Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Ramon: "You've been acting like a candy-assed bitch ever since you got married."

Frances Conroy: "I can't promise anything, but I'll try."

Rachel Griffiths: "Let me help you."
Peter Krause: "Help? Why the f*** would you wanna help me?"
Griffiths: "Because I care about you, Nate, and I can't just turn that off."
Krause: "Sure, you can. You've done it before."

Lauren Ambrose: "Ya know what I wish? I wish that just once people wouldn't act like the clichés that they are."

Frances Conroy: "George, come to church with me."
James Cromwell as George Sibley: "Agnostics don't usually go to church, Ruth. That's part of the appeal."

Molly Parker as Nate's rabbi: "All of our actions have consequences. We may not even be aware of them, but they exist nevertheless."

Peter Krause: "What the f*** do you want from me, you crazy, f***in' bitch??"
Rachel Griffiths: "Oh, yeah. I'm crazy! Whoo-hoo, crazy! Scary, crazy, psycho, right?... Ruff! Ruff! Ruff, ruff!"

Rachel Griffiths: "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I got some hedge clippers and cut off your dick?"

Kellie Waymire: "Okay, f*** you. You are officially dead to me now."

Rachel Griffiths: "That's the thing about depression. If you really allow yourself to feel it, it gets very boring very fast."

Julie White: "What do I get from you? Diddley squat!"

Marina Black: "We should do something. What do you wanna do?"
Lauren Ambrose: "Um ... I don't know. What do you wanna do?"
Black: "What do you feel like doing?"
Ambrose: "I feel like throwing up."
Black: "Me too."
Ambrose: "Is it normal?"
Black: "Totally. Totally."

Peter Krause: "Whoa! Don't blame me if you're not livin' the life you want. That is nobody's fault but your own."

Peter Krause: "You really don't give a f*** about what I'm goin' through, do you?"


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