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The Andy Griffith TV Show Sound Bites

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Andy Griffith Show Sound Bites (Page 3 of 4)

Don Knotts: "Well, I'm fed up, too. I'm sick of the whole thing, too. You try to bring two people together, and what do you get? Heartaches!"

Andy Griffith as Sherrif Andy Taylor: "Let's just go home then."
Don Knotts: "Home, that's right, home! A man spends money getting his suit spotted and pressed, takes two hours polishing his hat, and for what? Heartaches!"

Don Knotts: "Inside that man's body is a little child calling out for help. 'Help me, help me!' he's saying."

Jim Nabors: "Hey, Andy!"
Andy Griffith: "Hey, Gomer."
Nabors: "Hey, Aunt Bee."
Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee: "Hey, Gomer."
Nabors: "Hey, Opie."
Ron Howard as Opie Taylor: "Hey, Gomer."

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Jim Nabors: "Hey, Andy!"
Andy Griffith: "Hey, Gomer."
Nabors: "Say hey to my cousin Goober."
Griffith: "Hey, Goober."
George Lindsey: "Hey, Andy!"

Don Knotts: "Sara? Get me Thelma Lou, willya? ... Oh, hi, Thel. Big Barn."

Don Knotts: "Jab, jab, chop, smack!"

George Lindsey: "Listen ... Judy, Judy, Judy!"
Howard McNear as Floyd: "Cary Grant say that?"
Lindsey: "Yeah."
McNear, pauses: "What was he drivin' at?"

George Lindsey: "Cary Grant ... Judy, Judy, Judy."

Andy Griffith: "There's a letter here for you!"

Andy Griffith: "Barney, you wouldn't know something about this, would you?"
Don Knotts using a silly voice: "Well, maybe I would and then again, maybe I wouldn't."

Don Knotts: "My fast draw's never been successfully photographed. All they've been able to get so far is a sort of a blur."

Andy Griffith: "I'm gonna tell you something, Ope. And I want you to listen real careful. You're my young 'un. And I love you more than anything or anybody in the whole world. And nothing or nobody can ever change that."

Don Knotts: "I'm Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife...although I do have a nickname I've been stuck with and can't seem to lose ... Fast Gun Fife."

Don Knotts: "Now the minute it looks like there's gonna be trouble, we got to nip it! Nip it in the bud! You got that? Let's hear it!"
Floyd and others: "Nip it in the bud!"

Don Knotts: "Nip it in the bud! You got to nip it in the bud! ... Nip it! You go read any book you want on the subject of child discipline, and you'll find that every one of 'em is in favor of bud-nippin'... Only one way to take care of it."
Andy Griffith: "Nip it."
Knotts: "In the bud."

Don Knotts: "Nip it, nip it in the bud."

Don Knotts: "He's a first-rate, grade-A, number-one nut."

George Lindsey: "You know, Andy, Barney's a wonderful fella, but sometimes I just don't understand 'im, do you?"
Andy Griffith: "Yeah. He's a nut."

Don Knotts: "Boy, the guy that wrote that must've been some kind of a nut!"

Phone rings.
Ron Howard: "Sheriff's office. This is the sheriff's son, Opie Taylor, speaking."

Jim Nabors: "I could be an owl and go, 'Hoo, hoo!' "

Howard McNear as Floyd: "Well, you're just ... You know what you are, Andy? You're a prince of a fella, that's what you, uh, uh, a prince. A prince! A prince, now that's what you ... a prince."


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