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The steps for waxing a ski or a snowboard are essentially one and the same. The ski or board should first be cleaned (rubbing alcohol is good for this if you have it available. Orange or lemon peel is also good at removing old wav). The wax should then be heated, dripped evenly onto the ski or snowboard and then the hot ironed into the base. The wax should then be allowed to cool before being is scraped off, leaving a thin layer on the base. The wax should then be 'buffed' with a structure brush to allow it to even out and assume the structure of the base.

Step by Step Guide

Step Procedure Description Ski Illustration Snowboard Illustration
1 Clean the ski or board's base, using a citrus based wax remover/ski base cleaner. You can also use rubbing alcohol or lemon/orange peel. Just remember to also wash down the base afterwards if you use peel.
2 Heat the wax stick with your iron until it begins to melt. then slowly move along with the iron a few inches above the base dripping the wax evenly onto the base. You want a drop of wax every 2 cm or so.
3 Cover approximately 40% of surface with drips. Hold wax to iron above ski. Watch your fingers.    
4 Next smooth the wax onto the base with the iron - allow it to penetrate while keeping the iron moving. If you haven't waxed your skis or board in ages, or it is brand new you may find that the base absorbs almost all the wax. In this case you should drip more wax on and repeat the process.
5 Add more wax by dripping extra where necessary. Do not apply heat directly to the base for too long. This is especially true for unwaxed parts of the base. Make sure you cover entire base.
6 Next turn off waxing iron and allow the wax to cool and solidify to become part of the base.  
7 Scrape off any excess wax with a plastic scraper - most of the wax will appear to come off; this is fine since what we really want is the thin layer of wax that has soaked into the base. Most of the wax is has actually been absorbed into the base material.
8 Once you have removed the excess wax buff the base with a structure brush to remove uneven areas and provide structure (it breaks up suction). If you don't have a buffing brush a soft toothbrush (one you don't plan to use to brush teeth anytime soon) works well although it can take a while.
9 If a second wax coat of a temp specific or flourinated is desired, wait until you scrape off excess from first coat, then apply the second coat.  

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Overheating the base of your skis or snowboard can lead to blistering and destroy the ski surface. So be careful not to leave the heat source on for too long.

You are welcome to follow the instructions on this page but you do see entirely at your own risk!

If you are not confident doing this yourself you should contact a professional ski shop!