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It's a Wonderful Life Movie Sound Bites

This site provides a huge number of downloadable wav files from over 260 Movies.

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It's a Wonderful Life Sound Bites (Page 4 of 5)

Frank Faylen: "Quiet, quiet, now get this... It's from London."
Woman: "Ohh!"

Lionel Barrymore: "Hee! You're worth more dead than alive. Why don't you go to the riff-raff you love so much and ask them to let you have eight thousand? You know why? Because they'd run you out of town on a rail."

Lionel Barrymore: "One-A... One-A... One-A."

Donna Reed: "Don't you like her?"
Jimmy Stewart: "Well, of course I like her. She's a peach."

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Thomas Mitchell: "This is a pickle, George! This is a pickle!"

Man: "You had me worried. One of the oldest trees in Pottersville."
Jimmy Stewart: "Pottersville? You mean Bedford Falls."
Man: "I mean Pottersville! Don't you think I know where I live? What's the matter with you?"

Donna Reed: "Have a hectic day?"
Jimmy Stewart: "Oh, yeah, another big red-letter day for the Baileys."
Larry Simms: "Daddy, the Browns next door have a new car. You should see it."
Stewart: "Well, what's the matter with our car? Isn't it good enough for ya?"
Simms: "Yes, Daddy."
Jimmy Hawkins: " 'Scuse me... 'Scuse me."
Stewart: "Excuse you for what?"
Hawkins: "I burped."

Donna Reed: "I'll call the police!"
Jimmy Stewart: "They're way downtown. They'd be on my side, too."
Donna Reed: "Then I'm going to scream!"

Larry Simms: "Dad, how do you spell Hallelujah?"
Jimmy Stewart: "How should I know? What do you think I am, a dictionary? Tommy, stop that, stop it! Janey, haven't you learned that silly tune yet? You play it over and over again, now stop it, stop it!"

Jimmy Stewart: "Yes, well, most people say you stole all the rest."
Lionel Barrymore: "The envious ones say that, George... the suckers!"

Karolyn Grimes: "Look, Daddy. Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings."
Jimmy Stewart: "That's right... that's right. Attaboy, Clarence."

Sheldon Leonard: "That does it! Out you two pixies go, through the door or out the window!"
Jimmy Stewart: "Look, Nick, what's wrong?"


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