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Spiderman Movie Sound Bites

This site provides a huge number of downloadable wav files from over 260 Movies.

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Spiderman Sound Bites

Cliff Robertson: "Pete, look. You're changing. I know. I went through exactly the same thing at your age."
Tobey Maguire: "No, not exactly."
Robertson: "Peter, these are the years when a man changes into the man he's going to become the rest of his life. Just be careful who you change into."

Scientist: "In this lab we have 15 genetically-enhanced super spiders."
Kirsten Dunst: "There's 14... One's missing."

Kirsten Dunst: "The fact is... I'm in love with somebody else."
Tobey Maguire: "You are?"
Dunst: "At least I think I am... It's not the right time to talk about it."
Maguire: "No, no. Go on. Would I know his name, this guy?"
Dunst: "You'll think I'm a stupid little girl with a crush."
Maguire: "Trust me."
Dunst: "It's funny... He's saved my life twice, and I've never even seen his face."
Maguire: "Oh... him."
Dunst: "You're laughing at me!"
Maguire: "No, no, I understand. He is extremely cool."
Dunst: "But do you think it's true? All the terrible things they say about him?"
Maguire: "No, no, not Spider-Man, not a chance in the world... I know him a little bit."


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James Franco: "Peter, may I introduce my father, Norman Osborn."
Willem Dafoe: "I've heard so much about you."
Tobey Maguire: "Great honor to meet you, sir."
Dafoe: "Harry tells me you're quite the science wiz. Ya know, I'm something of a scientist myself."

Aunt May: "You do too much. You're not Superman, you know."

Tobey Maguire: "Who am I? You sure you wanna know?... Who am I?... I'm Spider-Man."

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