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North by Northwest Movie Sound Bites

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North by Northwest Sound Bites

Les Tremayne as the auctioneer: "Would the gentleman please cooperate?"

Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill: "I know -- I look vaguely familiar."
Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall: "Yes."
Grant: "You feel you've seen me somewhere before."
Saint: "Mmm-hmm."
Grant: "Funny how I have that effect on people. It's something about my face."
Saint: "It's a nice face."
Grant: "Think so?"
Saint: "I wouldn't say it if I didn't."
Grant: "Oh, you're that type."
Saint: "What type."
Grant: "Honest."
Saint: "Not really."
Grant: "Good, because honest women frighten me."
Saint: "Why?"
Grant: "I don't know. Somehow they seem to put me at a disadvantage."

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Cary Grant: "How do we know it's not a fake? It looks like a fake."
Woman: "Well, one thing we know. You're no fake. You're a genuine idiot."
Grant: "Thank you."

Cary Grant: "Who are you kidding? You have no feelings to hurt."

Cary Grant: "No getting rid of me, is there?"

Cary Grant: "Tell me... How does a girl like you get to be a girl like you?"
Eva Marie Saint: "Lucky, I guess?"
Grant: "No, not lucky -- naughty, wicked, up to no good... Ever kill anyone? Because I bet you could tease a man to death without half trying... So, stop trying."

Cary Grant: "Why are you so good to me?"

Cary Grant: "I used some pretty harsh words. I'm sorry."

Cary Grant: "Well, here we are again."
Eva Marie Saint: "Yes."

Cary Grant: "Has life been like that?"
Eva Marie Saint: "Mmm-hmm."
Grant: "How come?"
Saint: "Men like you."
Grant: "What's wrong with men like me?"
Saint: "They don't believe in marriage."
Grant: "I've been married twice."
Saint: "See what I mean?"

Cary Grant: "The moment I meet an attractive woman, I have to start pretending I've no desire to make love to her."
Eva Marie Saint: "What makes you think you have to conceal it?"
Grant: "She might find the idea objectionable."
Saint: "Then again, she might not."
Grant: "... Think how lucky I am to be seated here."
Saint: "Luck had nothing to do with it."
Grant: "Fate?"
Saint: "I tipped the steward five dollars to seat you here if you should come in."
Grant: "... Is that a proposition?"
Saint: "I never discuss love on an empty stomach."
Grant: "You've already eaten."
Saint: "But you haven't."

Les Tremayne: "I wonder if I could... respectfully ask the gentleman to get into the spirit of the proceedings here?"

Cary Grant: "I've had enough stimulation for one day."

Young woman, startled: "Stop!"
Cary Grant: "Oh, excuse me, I..."
Young woman, dreamily: "Stop..."
Grant: "Auhh-uhh-uhh!"

James Mason as Phillip Vandamm: "What possessed you to come blundering in here like this? Could it be an overpowering interest in art?"
Cary Grant: "Yes, the art of survival."

Eva Marie Saint: "Whose side are you on?"
Cary Grant: "Yours, always, darling."


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