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Little Big Man Movie Sound Bites

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Little Big Man Sound Bites (Page 2 of 2)

Dustin Hoffman as Little Big Man: "But why do you want to die, Grandfather?"
Chief Dan George: "Because there is no other way to deal with the white man, my son. Whatever else you can say about them, it must be admitted... you cannot get rid of them... There is an endless supply of white men, but there always has been a limited number of human beings... We won today... We won't win tomorrow."

Chief Dan George: "Well... Sometimes the magic works; sometimes it doesn't."

Faye Dunaway as Mrs. Louise Pendrake: "This life is not only wicked and sinful, it isn't even any fun."

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Richard Mulligan: "Anything that man tells me will be a lie; therefore, he will be a perfect reverse barometer. Isn't that correct?"
Alan Oppenheimer as the major?: "Of course, General."

Richard Mulligan: "You want me to think that you don't want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really don't want me to go down there! Huh, huh, humh, humh."

Dustin Hoffman as Jack Crabb: "Turn that thing on... I said turn that thing on and shut up!"

Robert Little Star: "There is a thing here I do not understand... There is a pain between my ears."

Richard Mulligan: "What do you think I should do, Muleskinner?"

Faye Dunaway: "Do you know I often had wicked thoughts about you? Several times I almost gave in to temptation. Do you know that once I tiptoed into your room and stood over you for the longest time? It was the most awful temptation to wake you up... I wish that I had... It would've been deliciously wicked."


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