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High Noon Movie Sound Bites

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High Noon Sound Bites

Woman in church: "I can't listen to any more of this. What's the matter with you people? How can you sit here and talk, and talk, and talk like this??"

James Millican as Herb Baker: "You can count on me. Ya know that, don't ya?"

Lloyd Bridges as Deputy Marshal Harvey Pell: "Cut it out!"

James Millican: "This is different. This ain't like what you said it was gonna be."

Lon Chaney, Jr., as Martin Howe: "People gotta talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it... maybe because down deep, they don't care... they just don't care."

Grace Kelly as Amy Fowler Kane: "I don't care who's right or who's wrong."

Lloyd Bridges: "I'm getting tired of that kind of talk."

Lloyd Bridges: "I won't be back."

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Thomas Mitchell as Mayor Jonas Henderson: "If there's a difference of opinion, let everybody have a say, but let's do it like grown-up people."

Man in church: "Hold it... Before we go rushin' out into something that ain't gonna be so pleasant, let's be sure we know what this is all about."

Gary Cooper as Marshal Will Kane: "I need help."

Thomas Mitchell: "We've gotta think mighty clear here today, and we've gotta have the courage to do what we think is right, no matter how hard it is!"

Train whistle sound effects.

Lloyd Bridges: "Who did the walking out, anyway you or him?"


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