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Anchorman Movie Sound Bites

This site provides a huge number of downloadable wav files from over 260 Movies.

NOTE: All logos, sounds & artwork retain their original copyright. All files are for provided for research, educational, criticism, or review for purchase purposes. These files were collected from a number of publicly accessible sites on the web that made no mention or assertion of copyright over these files or the collection. These files are provided on this site under fair use purely for your own personal use and enjoyment. Any copyright assertions on these files belong to the original copyright owners. If you are the copyright owner of a file on this website and you object to it being here please contact me with details and I will be happy to remove the file or provide the necessary citation of the original copyright owner. A full disclaimer is available here.

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Brian Fantana: "I mean come on Ed, it's bull crap! Don't get me wrong, I love the ladies. I mean they rev my engine, but they don't belong in the newsroom!"
Champ Kind: "It's anchorMAN! Not anchorLADY! And that is a scientific fact!"
Brick Tamland: "I don't know what we're yelling about!"
Brian Fantana: "You're with us, Ron, what do you think?"
Ron Burgundy: "She... Sh... It's terrible! She has beautiful eyes, and her hair smells like cinnamon!"
Brick Tamland: "Loud noises!"

Little Girl: "You are an awful man! You are truly a disappointment to us all Mr Burgundy!"

Ron Burgundy: "I know that one day Veronica and I are gonna to get married on top of a mountain! And there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs! And we will dance till the sun rises! And then our children will form a family band! And we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited!"

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Veronica Corningstone: "You look like a blueberry!"

Veronica Corningstone: "Mr Burgundy, you are acting like a baby."
Ron Burgundy: "I'm not a baby, I am a man! I am an anchorman!"
Veronica Corningstone: "You are not a man! You are a big fat joke!"
Ron Burgundy: "I'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn! That's what kind of man I am. You're just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It's science."

Ron Burgundy: "You know how to cut to the core of me Baxter. You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair."

Ron Burgundy: "You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? I'm not even mad... that's amazing."

Ron Burgundy: "For all of us here at news center 4, I'm Ron Burgundy. You stay classy San Diego."

Champ Kind: "What in the hell is diversity?"
Ron Burgundy: "Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era."

Ron Burgundy: "Brick, where did you get a hand grenade?"
Brick Tamland: "I don't know."

Ron Burgundy: "Now before we do this, let's go over the ground rules. Rule number 1, no touching of the hair or face!"
Arturo Mendes: "Of course!"
Ron Burgundy: "And that's it! Now let's do this!"

Brian Fantana: "Ron I know it sounds harsh, but God does not what her to live."

Brick Tamland: "I love carpet. I love desk."
Ron Burgundy: "Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?"
Brick Tamland: "I love lamp."
Ron Burgundy: "Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?"
Brick Tamland: "I love lamp! I love lamp!"


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